We're DroneAdair, a web platform that is truly built and designed by drone pilots for drone pilots.

After creating Midwest Aerial Productions, a drone service provider, we learned from our experiences as well as from the thousands of the pilots in our network on what it takes to run a successful drone business. Starting in our home state of Wisconsin we fell in love with drone technology and the opportunity it brought to a wide variety of industries.

DroneAdair eliminates the hassles of emailing, showing previous work, rates, packages, file transfers and sending/receiving payments. Allowing drone pilots to get back to doing what they love most, flying!

Pilots you're able to eliminate over 50% of your time doing manual operational tasks and get back building a business the right way.

*In addition, soon companies that utilize drone services will also be able to gain control of their pilot networks, data and time with our Enterprise model that will be release in Q2 of 2024.


MEet our team

Cody Retlich

CEO / Founder

I graduated with an Entrepreneurship and Professional Sales degree from UW-Whitewater. Worked on a startup drone company doing market research on the industry and applications in Ag, which sparked my love for drone technology.  After working in tech sales for two years, I decided to quit my job to pursue my passions of flying drones and helping people. Started a company called Midwest Aerial Productions back in 2015. Grew it nationwide in under 3 years and was fortunate enough to collaborated and connect with thousands of pilots and hundreds of clients. Learning truly what works and what doesn't in the drone industry. Part 107 Certified Pilot. Married to my beautiful wife, Dana and have one awesome dog named Cherokee, who was born up in The Smoky Mountains.

Janahan Rajaratnam


I founded Valari Solutions in 2011 to help startup companies develop, scale, and support their vision.  My passion for tech startups is fueled by the constant changing of the industry and the need to always be learning new things.  I am a newbie with drones but hope to have the rest of the team teach me and eventually get my Part 107 certificate.  I am a #girldad X2 and an alaskan malamute dad X2.

Elliott Rashed

Backend Systems Engineer / Marketing

I've been flying drones recreationally and commercially since 2016. Capturing views that the human eye hasn't seen is one of my favorite things to do along with helping business showcase their value. I've worked with dance teams, breweries, couples for engagement photos, to name a few. Also, I enjoy playing the violin and building online marketing automation. I spend my free time with my Beautiful Fiance Olivia and 2 dogs Colby & Cam. Part 107 Certified Pilot.

Chase Flynn

Customer Support/Success - Content Writer

I graduated with honors with a Bachelor of Science in Aeronautics and a Minor in Unmanned Aerial Systems from Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University, but never anticipated the entry into the drone industry. Over the past five years, I've been active in the drone education field, contributing to student support, curriculum development, and strategic marketing efforts. Also a holder of FAA Part 107 Certification. My interest in drones began with the passion I had for aerial photography, which I continue to enjoy pursuing in my free time.

UAV / Drone Pilots Everywhere

Research & Development


Honestly, we wouldn't have created DroneAdair if it wasn't for you. The knowledge, experiences, conversations, challenges, lessons learned that we've personally shared together has given us the drive to create something new for the drone industry. You all will continue to push us to create something that we all can win from. A platform that delivers ongoing value in an ever-changing space. Always feel free to reach out to us HERE if you'd like to connect or collaborate in some way.

Safe Flying,
DA Team!