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The Top 4 Property Management Drone Applications

Property managers are always looking for innovative ideas to reduce the costs and inefficiencies associated with managing a property. Automating the workflow is essential to operate successfully with numerous projects and tasks.

Property managers are always looking for innovative ideas to reduce the costs and inefficiencies associated with managing a property. Automating the workflow is essential to operate successfully with numerous projects and tasks.

So, how can you streamline your property management services? Like various other industries, property managers can utilize drones to maximize their return on investment significantly. The upside of adopting the use of drones is that they are not a one-trick pony.

Whether you need marketing materials, inspection data, or other critical information about your managed properties, drones can do it all.

The Top Property Management Drone Applications


Drones are commonly used across numerous industries for marketing due to their unique ability to provide a dynamic perspective that captures people’s attention. As a property manager, you can offer a complete picture of the property to a potential tenant interested in leasing a space.

An image of a downtown shopping complex.

Traditional ground-level photography offers little information and has been around forever. Imagine a client sees your listing with incredible aerial photography that shows the building and the surrounding area, including the distance to major highways, airports, parks, restaurants, attractions, etc.

Would this property catch your eye? More than likely, it will get more attention than basic photos.

This type of marketing can also be used for hotels, office buildings, or any other kind of property featured in your portfolio to manage.

How can you use drones for marketing your properties?

  • Create a video that highlights unique property details and the surrounding area.
  • Develop case studies about your company's property management services.
  • Use aerial footage to build a killer portfolio for your website.
  • Create stunning promotional materials.
  • Post on social media to grow your brand and spread awareness about your management services.

2—Property Inspections / Safety

A part of running a property is ensuring it's in excellent shape and operating at the highest efficiency level possible. It may sound daunting, but preventative inspections, flagging issues early on, and developing a remedy are essential to avoiding costly maintenance repairs.

Inspecting roofs, building structures, and other critical infrastructure is crucial to keep a property in shape. Before drones, this would have been time-consuming and too costly, given the challenges of traditional inspection processes. However, drones achieve image collection in minutes to hours instead of days.

Instead of driving to properties to assess issues, hiring a drone pilot for regular inspection photos or videos saves company resources and reduces bottlenecks in the maintenance workflow.

3—Property Protection

Having a visual record of properties is exceptionally beneficial for insurance purposes. If you already have this footage from inspections, it can serve as proof of a new problem when filing an insurance claim. For example, maybe a recent storm caused damage to a roof on a building you manage.

When submitting a claim, having before and after pictures creates a compelling case. Therefore, the claim’s processing time is reduced, saving time and money. With various properties to manage, the last thing you need is to waste time trying to work out an insurance claim.

4—Planning & Development

The versatility of drones allows the technology to be harnessed to develop properties you are managing or future developments that your company will operate. Planning new construction developments is costly and time-consuming, but drones can help alleviate these concerns.

An aerial view of a new property development.

For that reason, the construction industry has welcomed drones with open arms due to their ease of use, function, and ability to streamline a project. A drone can be launched quickly, gather images and video immediately, and often finish the job in half the time. Aerial imagery is a powerful tool that can capture real-time data that can be used to create renderings and provide important insights into future developments.  

Any renderings created are phenomenal promotional materials that property managers can use to market and build excitement for new properties.  

Benefits of Using Drones for Property Management

Actionable Real-Time Insights

  • Drone footage can be used to identify potential problems and resolve them early on before they become severe.
  • Increases accuracy and efficiency of any insurance claims for any property damage.
  • Preventative inspections can reduce expensive repair costs and unforeseen issues with a property.
  • A drone is an all- in-one tool that can be equipped with various sensing capabilities for any property management needs.
  • Hiring a drone pilot can reduce the workload and avoid wasting time driving to check up on properties.

Market Your Properties  

  • Develop case studies about your company's property management services.
  • Stand out from competitors with stunning aerial footage that will captivate potential clients.
  • Promote future projects with aerial renderings.

Need Help Jumpstarting Your Property Management Drone Program?

If you are interested in utilizing drones to help grow your commercial real estate business, you may be curious about the next steps. Here at DRONEADAIR, we help connect you to the best-certified drone pilots to help you capture the data you will need to help you grow and scale your business.

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Other Features Include:

  • Customized Data Sets - create or upload your own deliverable documents and manage from one central location.

  • Analyze Mission Data - Receive status updates on your missions so you can view, download or automatically transfer data once approved.


Other Drone Industry Applications

We hope you found this list of the top uses for drones in property management to be helpful! If you would like to learn about other drone applications, check out our drone industry pages below.  

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