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The Top 4 Commercial Real Estate Drone Applications

The Real Estate industry, both residential and commercial, was one of the first to welcome drones with open arms. Today, using drones in real estate continues to be one of the most popular drone applications.

The Real Estate industry, both residential and commercial, was one of the first to welcome drones with open arms. Today, using drones in real estate continues to be one of the most popular drone applications.

Drone technology plays a pivotal role in commercial real estate and is utilized by property owners, brokers, investors, tenants, and many others.  Some uses include marketing, site selection, inspections, etc. According to Multiple Listing Services (MLS), properties listed with aerial imagery are 68% more likely to sell than listings without.

Although this statistic only captures the marketing aspect for the industry, it shows the impact drones have had and will continue to have on real estate.

Top Commercial Real Estate Drone Applications


Real estate is all about captivating your clients and selling them on your listing, and there is no better way to do so than from an aerial perspective. Real estate drone pictures have been around for years, yet they still instantly grab people's attention and provide a lot of information.

For example, imagine you are a potential tenant looking to lease a storefront in a new shopping complex. You see a listing that features traditional ground-level photography that offers little information. Then, you see another listing for a space that has incredible aerial photography that shows not only the building but the surrounding area, including the distance to major highways, airports, parks, restaurants, attractions, etc. Which listing would get your attention?

Of course, this type of marketing is not only reserved for shopping centers. It can also be used for hotels, office buildings, vacant commercial land, multifamily housing, and other types of commercial real estate.

How can you use drones for marketing your commercial properties?

  • Create real estate drone videos that highlight unique property details and the surrounding area.
  • Develop case studies about your company's commercial real estate services.
  • Use aerial footage to build a dynamic portfolio for your website.
  • Create stunning promotional materials.
  • Post on social media to grow your brand and spread awareness about your real estate listing/projects.

2—Site Selection

An aerial photo featuring a commercial property with important details.

Drones can be an invaluable tool in the planning process when searching for the perfect site for new commercial real estate developments. Similar to marketing, an aerial perspective can provide essential details about the local traffic flow, access roads, nearby properties, and potential issues with the site.

Collecting a range of aerial footage of different properties will increase the efficiency of choosing the correct location. Instead of physically walking each property, investors and other interested parties can analyze each property from the drone footage and cut down the number of potential properties to a smaller list, speeding up the selection process, which saves time and money.  

3—Commercial Real Estate Inspections  

Inspections can be costly and time-consuming, but it doesn't have to be when using a drone. Commercial properties are often expansive, which adds to the complexity of inspecting a property safely and inexpensively.  Drones are not limited to exterior inspections as they are being used for indoor inspections of warehouses and other large facilities more frequently.

Although camera drones are used for visual inspections, more advanced sensors can be used, such as thermal, LIDAR, and multispectral. These sensors can be used to find HVAC inefficiencies, structural problems, drainage issues, and so forth. Aerial inspections both indoors and outdoors, are safer, cheaper, and more time-efficient than traditional methods.

4—Design & Development

For real estate investors and developers, time is money, and drones can reduce design and development expenses. With their quick deployment, drones can collect imagery that provides crucial information about a property that can help influence the overall design and layout of buildings and infrastructure.

An aerial 3D rendering created using real photographs and CGI software.

Developers can use aerial imagery to create 3D models and renderings to show what the commercial property will look like upon completion. These assets can also be repurposed for marketing purposes to build hype for a new commercial property before ground is even broken.

With drones, you will often find that the data collected can often be reused for many of the applications listed throughout this article.

Benefits of Using Drones in Commercial Real Estate

Eye-Catching Photos & Videos

  • Easily add overlays, text, and logos to highlight local attractions, highways, and other features that help sell the property.
  • Aerial footage can be used to create 3D renderings to help market a commercial property early on in the process.
  • Sell investors on the idea of your project by showing them a unique perspective of your property’s potential.  

Improved Safety

  • Inspect vacant land, buildings, and industrial complexes without the risk  associated with physically walking these locations.
  • Aerial photos and videos can also help identify structural damage and other infrastructure problems.

Reusable Aerial Imagery

  • Use the project assets for marketing your properties to get more leads for new clients.
  • Stand out from your competitors by making an investment in drone technology.

Need Help Jumpstarting Your Commercial Real Estate Drone Program?

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Other Drone Industry Applications

We hope you found this list of the top commercial real estate applications to be helpful! If you would like to learn about other drone applications, check out our drone industry pages below.

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